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?? Dapper sweater bears, spotless white angel bear, The long legs of Chouchou bear ... ... July 9, with about a hundred years of history Teddy Bear Have not only a toy, but rather into collections, and some even worth millions, sought after by many collectors.

Auctioneer and valuation of 9,000 for two Teddy Bear
? Baby Value: antique teddy bears worth a million
? Doll collectors still rare in China, but has many years abroad. One teddy bear production dates back over 100 years ago, the London auction house Christie's will hold a teddy bear every two years, auction, early in July there are 200 products in the early 20th century antique bear auction. Do not belittle these Cubs, their average net worth between the 1000 to 6000 pounds, that is, the most expensive on the million yuan also. Bear this year, the highest valuation of the door from the German name of Steve (Steiff), they are produced in the early 20th century can be called the originator of teddy bears, now out of print. Around 9,000 the auctioneer.

? But the price of antique teddy bears in the market not really amazing, end of the year 2000, a commemoration of "Titanic" sank in the Make The "mourning Bear" teddy bear, the world's only 600. The high price fetched by 91,750, setting the second highest auction price ever toy record. The long record has been refreshed, the British auction house Christie's to 193,477 U.S. dollars (about 1.6 million yuan) in the high shoot a "antique" teddy bear, a record Plush Toys The latest world record auction price. This race was a South Korean businessman teddy bear. This teddy bear wearing a Louis? Vuitton brand short Overcoat , Produced in 1908 by Germany's Steve companies produced.

? ?? Collectors experience: sights, "The Legend" Teddy Bear
? Collection of teddy bears must first determine its "famous department door", in general, produced in Germany a hundred years old and famous teddy bears, than the United States, the British brand of teddy bears worth. Germany produced the most well-known brand for a century teddy bear Steve companies, it is the world's most collectible teddy bear brand, its products in the market price of the most expensive, a new production of Christmas Commemorative Edition Teddy Bear price has nearly a thousand dollars. Because of high collection value, for many collectors love. Herman also has a 80-year history of the company's German brand, known for exquisite craftsmanship and sophisticated market in the teddy bear, and the moderate price to attract a lot of fans.

Lovely white Teddy Bear ? Investment Tip: start from the recent Limited Edition Bear
? Now possible to listen to high price of antique teddy bear toy collectors from the mainland is also rather remote, Teddy for domestic entry-level collectors, buying limited edition bears recently, can be regarded as a bad investment. Recent limited number of products to manufacturers and artists to stimulate commercial activities means launch, limited edition products to commemorate the most of some people, things, places, things or copy and do, manufacturers will not only bear to do numbers, and some there will be certificates and boxes.

? This series most of the teddy bear to be worth several thousand dollars, the year is about 10 years of work, but do have the future value of the space.
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Toy Collection: Antique Teddy Bears Worth One Million Yuan (map) - Toy Collection, Antique Toys,

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Toy Collection: Antique Teddy Bears Worth One Million Yuan (map) - Toy Collection, Antique Toys,

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