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So, you have now built up quite a hug of Teddy Bears and now you want to display them.  Well, you certainly don't have to spend lots of money on this.  What I would suggest firstly is that you decide how you want them displayed.  Many collectors want to put all their Teddy Bears into a cabinet to keep them clean and dust free (especially Old Teddy Bears), whilst other collectors like to have their Teddy Bears displayed sitting in chairs, on beds, etc. However you want your Teddy Bears to be displayed, adding a few extra props with your Teddy Bears always make your collection look just a little bit more special.

If you chose to display your Teddy Bears in a cabinet and especially if they are Old Bears, one thing that looks really good placed along with them is some old photographs.  Of course, it would be wonderful to have old photographs of the Teddy himself or even better, you and the Teddy Bear but as this is rarely possible, just by placing old photographs of yourself as a child, or old photos of someone that is special to you along with your special Teddy Bear really does lift the collection.  It is always a nice touch too, to get your photographs sepia toned, if they are black and white.  Most photographers will do this for you at a very reasonable price.

Another really good prop is to use an old book or two, even better if the book you use is old and about Teddy Bears, for example what better prop could you put with an Old Farnell Teddy Bear than an old book about Winnie-the-Pooh.  However, old books in general that over the years have built up some character in their own right does look great with Teddy Bears, once again especially Old Bears.

Some Teddy Bears have special friends who they cannot be parted from, for example an old stuffed dog  and these look great when they are displayed together, don't separate them.

One good tip is, during the summer when you visit a favourite seaside or a favourite city or town, take a favourite Teddy Bear with you and take some photographs of your bear around the place.  These photos of your special place look marvellous when they are displayed with your favourite Teddy Bear.  Along with your Teddy Bear they will also go down in history.

There are so many other pieces of Teddy Bear ephemera that look so good when placed with a hug of bears and they don't always have to cost a fortune either.  Some pine cones picked up whilst on a favourite walk in the countryside, a set of old keys, some old motoring memorabilia, old cooking memorabilia, some old ribbons and pieces of lace, some old cotton reels, a lovely old musical box, some old biscuit tins, sweet tins, old small toys from your childhood, all look stunning when seated with your Teddy Bears.

If your Teddy Bear collection is scattered around chairs and beds, then some old cushions look stunning, as does some handmade embroidered cushions, especially if they have some teddy motifs on them.  Why not sit your Teddy Bears on a shelf and behind them put an old stitched sampler, or a modern sampler with a Teddy Bear theme, infact any kind of old linen or cross-stitched article sets off your collection of Teddy Bears.

If you display your Teddy Bears in the right way you can increase their desirability tenfold.  How you display them really is up to you but incorporating a little bit of your history, especially family history one way or another really is worthwhile.

Don't forget, however, and wherever you display your hug of Teddy Bears, always remember to keep them brushed, even if they sit in a cabinet and watch out for moths and other undesirables, that way you and your Teddy Bears will have a lovely and interesting life together.

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Displaying Teddy Bears

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This article was published on 2010/11/11